Many changes have challenged the Social Worker.

I became a Nursing Home Social Worker in 1978, when the requirement for a Social Worker was 10 hours per week for an 80 bed facility! WOW, have we come a long way! I had just graduated from college and was hired at $10 per hour!! I had hit the major leagues. I was in the big time now!

It didn’t take long in the next few months for Nursing Homes to rethink this and come up with the brilliant idea to combine Social Services and Activities. I had just completed four years of college, now I had to go back to school for two weeks and get my Activity Director Certification. I now was going to be able to work 40 hours! Hooray! But, wait! This new combined position was only going to pay $6 per hour!!

It has been a journey! Many changes have challenged the Social Worker. This is why I have decided to write this book of Social Service Care Plans. Sometimes it can be a struggle to write “original” care plans that are individualized for each resident.

Well, here it is! This is a compilation of various social service care plans written over the years for specific needs. They have been arranged alphabetically by Psycho-Social need and by Psychotropic Drugs. This manual is very user friendly and the care plans are written in layman’s terms.

I hope you find this manual to be very helpful in your career as a Nursing Home Social Service Director! A very rewarding experience.