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Comprehensive Care Plan




Date Physical & Psychosocial Needs Goals/Objectives Approaches/Interventions Responsible Discipline
Resident exhibits behavior of: Resident will demonstrate 1. Allow resident to talk about feelings, and let resident
Anger effective coping behavior within know staff is empathetic. ALL
Related to: 5 minutes of staff intervention. 2. Assist resident to process feelings and find positive
-Recently changed outcomes. SS/N
environment or lifestyle 3. Encourage contact with family / support SS/N
-Cognitive deficit or decline 4. Psychiatric evaluation if indicated. SS/N
-ADL decline 5. Observe for nonverbal signs of anger:
-Loss of home or possessions rigid body position, clenched fists. ALL
-Loss of family member / friend 6. Encourage resident to attend an activity of interest. ALL
-Loss of pet
-Mental / Emotional Illness
Resident Medical Record # Physician Room #


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